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Choosing the right A Levels can be a huge dilemma for many students, particularly for those who are not sure what they want to do at university and beyond. 

However, the decisions you make now will set you on a course that can be difficult to change, so it is important to make the right subject choices at this early stage. 

Take time to speak to the Career and Higher Education advisers as well as the subject consultants. Seek advice from family, friends and your former teachers too.

You can download CHE Admission Booklet.


CHE Commitees 2020

  • Cikgu Hjh Nurul Hakiimah binti Hj Mohammad (HEAD)
  • Cikgu Khairina binti Hj Ibrahim (ASSISTANT HEAD)
  • Cikgu Izatul Farida binti Hj Hussin
  • Cikgu Valliatharayil Annie Philpose
  • Cikgu Dk Nur Sajidah Rohani binti Pg Hj Roslan
  • Cikgu Peng Pei Pei
  • Cikgu Dk Rabi'atul Adawiyah binti Pg Hj Emran
  • Cikgu Assyakirin Nurhuda binti Hj Azman @ Amanda Stewart


CHE Activities 2020

  • Career Roadshow
  • The latest higher education exhibitions, career fairs .   
  • The deadlines for scholarships and university applications .  
  • Interview tips  
  • CV tips  
  • Volunteering opportunities and many more…

How to choose subjects




Applicants are advised to speak to subject consultants regarding prerequisites as well as information on individual subject (Syllabus content, exam format, coursework etc.)

Below are some key questions you should discuss with the subject consultants:

  • What is an AS and A2 Level of an A Level course?
  • How will learning be assessed in each subject?
  • Do you have coursework/practicals?
  • How many hours do you need to commit for the subject?
  • How does the block system work?
  • How many reference books will students get for the subject?
  • Will notes be provided in class?
  • Will there be any room for project work in A Level?
  • What is the average class size for that subject?




 You can check individual subjects leaflet. Click Menu Academic, then click Subject Offered




 You can choose one subject from each group. 


• Biology• Chemistry• Computer Science• Design & Technology • Food Studies • Mathematics • Physics 


 • Accounting • Business • Economics • Geography • History • Psychology • Sociology • Travel & Tourism  


 • Bahasa Melayu • English Literature • Syariah • Usuluddin  


Frequently Answered Question


  1. Which A-level subjects are the easiest? A: None. All the subjects will require students to work hard and smart during the two year period.
  2. Can I take a fourth A Level subject?A: If you scored five distinctions for your O Levels and are able keep up with the workload, then yes, you could.
  3. Can passing A Levels guarantee a place at university?A: No. Sciences for example, are highly competitive. Students are expected to get a minimum of CCC in order to be eligible for a place.
  4. Which subjects should I take up at A Level in order to get a scholarship abroad?A: Opportunity to study abroad is dependent upon your academic performance in O Level, and A Level as well as the need of the country.
  5. Where can I work after getting the degree in the recommended field?A: The PTE Sengkurong Career and Higher Education Section are only providing information for further and higher education. We do not guarantee employment as this is dependent upon your academic performance at further or higher education.
  6. Can I retake my O Level/IGCSE examinations (Other than O Level/IGCSE English) while studying in PTE Sengkurong?A: This is not recommended as you will not have time to revise for your O Level/IGCSE subjects. Even with tuition classes, you would need to keep up with the A Level workload. If you have the intention to re-sit your O Level examination (Other than O Level/IGCSE English) it is advisable for you to join sixth form the following year. Otherwise, go to page 7 for alternative routes to further/higher education. 
  7. Why should I consider alternative routes to further/higher education?A: Alternative routes incorporate work experience and if you wish to join the workforce there is a salary scale for NTec, HNTec and Diploma holders. Meanwhile, an A-level graduate will be paid based on an O Level graduate salary scale.
  8. Why did the subject consultant refuse to sign my form when I am interested in the subject?A: Go to page 1 (CHE Admission Booklet) for further details.